The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs2)

2005 studio album — acoustic

1   The Gift
2   Isabelle
3   End Of The Line
4   Second Skin
5   God On The Phone
6   Spirits From The Past
7   Tell Me
8   Call Me James
9   Really Well Adjusted
10   Spain
11   Old Lady
12   When We Cry
13   Do You Know My Name
14   Scarlet Ribbons
15   I Think
16   The Truth (Bonus track)
17   Wave Of Thought (Bonus track)
18   Christmas Again (Bonus track)

Jimi's notes: A re-recording of a CD some of you may remember (see the 1996 vs), containing songs from my days on the folk cafe circuit, but which sold out long ago. This 2005 album features all new recordings of those tunes, plus a few bonus tracks.

To The Moon So Blue
Home Cooking
Live In The Moment
Electric Mojo Machine
Blue Mandolin
The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs2)
The Spectre 7 Years
Give Jimi Some Love!
Based On Actual Events
Blue Guitar
Standard Bohemian
Space Doubt
The Great B-=Grade Remake
The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs1)
Living In Luxury
No Turning Back