Electric Mojo Machine

Electric Mojo Machine

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Electric Mojo Machine (original cover)

Original pressing cover

2009 studio album — blues

1   Lonely Days
2   Lost My Mind
3   Wasting Time In Georgia
4   Down The Dustpipe
5   One Last Chance
6   Peacemaker
7   Cold Wind
8   Black Betty
9   Old Guitar
10   Big City Blues
11   Old School Skater
12   Christmas Bluesbreaker

Jimi's notes: For this record I wanted to approach my instrument differently. While experimenting, I found a new enthusiasm for my early electric guitar style, and started playing my old solid body ‘Les Paul Gold Top’ again… the guitar I considered to be ‘my voice’ when I bought her in the 1980s. I got myself a reissue VOX valve amp… and rekindled my fondness for those classic rock blues sounds!

As I worked up this material, I embraced a number of chapters from my musical development. The result is a high-energy electric album, blending moments of my crazy ‘Jimi the human’ guitar style with my love of blues.

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