Live In The Moment

2011 live album — blues/rock

1   Introduction
2   Brand New Radio
3   All Your Love
4   Daydreamin'
5   Take The Blues Train
6   Boxing Gloves
7   A Simple Way
8   Lost My Mind
9   Cold Wind
10   No Turning Back
11   The Golden Rule
12   Baby Please Don't Go
13   Hey Joe
14   Lonely Days
15   Boom Boom

Jimi's notes: 20 years after the live Jimi the Human & Spectre 7 album, it seemed fitting to revisit the concept. In January 2011 we recorded a show at ‘Young & Jacksons’ but there were technical problems, so a week later we recorded a second show at the ‘Nighthawk Blues Cafe’. Producer David Briggs (Little River Band) was adamant that there would be no post recording fixes or overdubs, so this album is 100% live! Live In The Moment is myself and my Blues Machine (Graham Maddicks on drums and Karl Willebrant on bass), coasting through a night of rocking blues that builds to a frenzy!

To The Moon So Blue
Home Cooking
Live In The Moment
Electric Mojo Machine
Blue Mandolin
The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs2)
The Spectre 7 Years
Give Jimi Some Love!
Based On Actual Events
Blue Guitar
Standard Bohemian
Space Doubt
The Great B-=Grade Remake
The Ultimate Bootleg (Vs1)
Living In Luxury
No Turning Back