Blue Mandolin

Blue Mandolin

2007 studio album — blues

1   Yank It Up
2   Shooting Stars In My Backyard
3   A Simple Way
4   Dux Of The School (From Warrnambool)
5   She's The One
6   Mojo String
7   Too Shy
8   Big Garage
9   The Wood, The Strings & Me
10   A Little Black Cat
11   Reel Big Deal
12   One Last Time (Bonus Track)
13   Yank It Up (Old Time Radio Mix)
14   Big Garage (Old Time Radio Mix)

Jimi's notes: Being known as a guitarist, people are often surprised to hear I also play mandolin, but learning the instrument has been a great journey for me, and one that Blue Mandolin does it's best to capture.

As my interest in the mandolin grew from dabbling to a full blown passion, these songs took shape and nagged at me until I finally sat down and recorded them. It's got a down-home vibe, in keeping with blues and bluegrass traditions.

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Blue Mandolin
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